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  • Is Alaska the key to solve U.S. Rare Earths crisis?

    Recent decisions by China, the world’s leading rare earths producer, to tighten export restrictions and raise taxes have set off a flurry of global activity as nations are looking for ways to respond to these new realities.

    In the United States, policy initiatives aimed at securing an ongoing supply of these mineral materials are being introduced at the federal and state levels, with Alaska, as Petroleum News reports, especially likely to play a key role.

  • Dear Congress: Metals and minerals matter now

    It is easy to pity the U.S. policymaker, who has more than a few crises to cope with, but America can no longer afford to push aside the critical issue of metals and minerals.  Decisions made now — or inaction, which is a decision in itself — will shape our economic competitiveness and national security posture for years to come.  What will the U.S. do? Read my thoughts, which I shared in a piece for RealClearWorld.com. There, I explain the three bellwether bills worth watching.

    Take a read, and then please share your comments below. What impact do you think bills like the RARE Act could have on the U.S. Rare Earths mining industry?