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  • November 2nd NCPA Conference

    American Resources Policy Network is thrilled to announce that we are co-sponsoring
    the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) conference: “Rare Earths, Critical
    Metals, Energy and National Security”
    on November 2, 2011 in Washington, D.C.

    The conference will discuss the link between rare earths, critical metals, energy, and national security. Although rare earths and critical metals have begun to attract attention for their high-tech and green-tech applications, this is the first metals conference to focus explicitly on the national security implications of resource supply.

    Featured speakers will include Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, and Colorado Congressmen Doug Lamborn and Mike Coffman.  American Resources expert Gareth Hatch will present on the Rare Earths panel, while Dan McGroarty will moderate the Specialty Metals panel, building out from the Rare Earths to the broader group of rare metals with strategic value.

    “Rare Earths, Critical Metals, Energy and National Security” will take place at the Capitol Hill Hyatt Regency in Washington D.C on November 2nd. To register to attend, please contact NCPA’s Carolyn Needham at: 202.220.3195 or Carolyn.needham@ncpa.org

  • American Resources Policy Network Launches Informational Campaign on Copper, Antimony, and Lithium

    CopperMatters.org Shows that Resource Dependency goes beyond Rare Earth Elements

    Washington, D.C. – The American Resources Policy Network announced today that it would expand on its messaging in favor of exploring the available non-fuel resources in America by launching a campaign for copper, antimony, and lithium – elements readily available in the country, yet not adequately developed.

    We have consistently argued that America’s metals and minerals dependency, which threatens our strategic and economic future, stretches well beyond exotic high-tech metals like rare earths,” said ARPN’s Daniel McGroarty. “It also impacts other mineral resources, including mainstay industrial metals.”

    In the coming months, American Resources will embark on an informational campaign to highlight the breadth of the nation’s metals and minerals needs by drilling down into three critically important elements that exemplify America’s unnecessary, and potentially dangerous, dependence on foreign resources.

    More about copper, antimony, and lithium:


    • A mainstay metal that continues to be a critical material in electronics, the construction industry, durable goods, hybrid vehicles, and military applications.
    • According to the USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries, there are 550 million tons of copper in identified and undiscovered resources in the U.S.
    • In 1993, America’s net import dependency rate for copper stood at only 7 percent; today, that number is closer to 30 percent.



    • An element with important utility for our energy needs, our import dependency rate stands at 43 percent, in spite of the fact that identified lithium resources in the United States total 4 million tons.
    • Much of the world’s current supply comes from Chile, Argentina, and China, making potential supply disruptions a cause of concern.

    The campaign will launch with the start of  what American Resources is deeming “Copper Month” on October 1, 2011.

    “We will be dedicating an entire month to the discussion of copper-related issues,” says McGroarty. “To support our efforts, we have launched a microsite – an informational hub – that provides insight into copper’s many utilities, the role it plays in the generation of economic growth, social well-being and economic security, and any associated challenges.”

    The American Resources’ “Copper Month” of October will be followed by “Antimony Month” and “Lithium Month” respectively, so stay tuned for upcoming spotlighting efforts on our blog, our Facebook page, and on Twitter. Please visit www.CopperMatters.org to learn more about the importance of this critical metal.

    With the global race for resources heating up, industry, policy makers and consumers alike cannot afford to ignore the United States’ looming resource deficit.  We hope that through our “drill-down” efforts will we’re doing our part to help draw attention to the issues at hand.


    The American Resource Policy Network is a Carmot Strategic Group venture. For more information, visit www.americanresources.org or contact Director of Research Sandra Wirtz at americanresourcespn@gmail.com.

  • American Resources Takes the Hill

    American Resources introduced itself to Capitol Hill staff this week, briefing Senate staff on Tuesday followed by a House briefing Wednesday.  I was joined by Laura Skaer of the Northwest Mining Association (NWMA), Betty Gibbs of the Mining & Metallurgical Society of America (MMSA), and Izzy LaBranch of NWMA’s “The More  You Dig” initiative. During [...]
  • The case for cobalt: Why America should pay attention to this critical metal

    In an interview with The Critical Metals Report, analyst Rick Mills shares his thoughts on how cobalt is the “king of critical metals.” Increasingly indispensable as an industrial metal, in the development of green technologies, and in various critical defense applications, cobalt is one of only four metals or element groups to make all three recently [...]
  • The More You Dig Campaign – Educating the public about the importance of mining for everyday life

    American Resources has partnered with the Northwest Mining Association and their The More You Dig campaign. Here’s a guest post from their Communications consultant, Izzy LaBranch, introducing the campaign: The More You Dig campaign, a project of the Northwest Mining Association, strives to change the public’s perception of mining by educating a younger audience about how mining [...]
  • Meet our experts: Gareth Hatch and Lisa Reisman

    If you haven’t had the chance to visit our experts page yet, we’d like for you to meet two of the people who joined the American Resources panel of thought leaders and industry experts from the very start. Gareth Hatch is a founding principal of Technology Metals Research, LLC.  An authority in the area of [...]
  • American Resources expert panel continues to grow

    We have been fortunate to be able to announce several additions to the American Resources panel of experts recently, and this week is no exception: Dr. Robert Latiff, a retired U.S Air Force Major General, is Research Professor and Director of the Intelligence and Security Research Center at George Mason University.  In May, Dr. Latiff [...]
  • American Resources panel welcomes two new experts

    We’re excited to announce two new additions to our distinguished panel of experts: Emily Coppel is a policy analyst from the American Security Project. She is also the author of “Rare Earth Metals and U.S. National Security,” a report outlining the national security risks of U.S. over-reliance on China as supplier of REEs. Professor Patrick [...]
  • What the Auto Industry, Rare Earth Elements have in Common

    In a June 27 piece from Business Insider, Jim Powell, a technology and strategic metals analyst with Laurentian Bank Securities, attempts to clear up the confusion over the future supply and demand of critical metals. His interview with The Critical Metals Report highlights the struggle between China and the rest of the world over Rare [...]
  • Fraser Institute resource policy experts join ARPN panel

    We’re thrilled to announce that Fred McMahon and Jean-Francois Minardi from the Canada-based Fraser Institute have joined the ARPN expert panel. McMahon is Vice-President of Research, International, at the Fraser Institute, and, among other things, co-author of the Fraser Institute’s annual Survey of Mining Companies.  Minardi is Associate Director of the institute’s Global Natural Resource [...]