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  • The Natural Graphite Industry in 2012

    The Natural Graphite Industry in 2012

    Graphite’s diverse uses and applications in cutting-edge technology have made it an increasingly-prized material. Industrial Minerals Manager and American Resources Expert Simon Moores recently prepared this presentation illustrating the state of Graphite in 2012. Check it out here. more

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    American Resources Policy Network Gateway Metals Report

    What are “Gateway Metals” and why are they so important to U.S. technology? Dozens of metals and minerals used in high-tech applications have a special status in the natural resource world as by-products of base or industrial metals extraction. As economic analysts begin to acknowledge mining’s deep connection to manufacturing, a failure to recognize the (…) more

  • Risk Pyramid Image

    Risk Pyramid

    Using the government studies cited in American Resources’ Critical Metals Report, we attempt to reconcile conflicting mineral lists and department definitions. We believe the American Resources “Risk Pyramid” provides a reasonable window into the federal government’s approach to the United States’ mineral supply issues. Until the U.S. Government issues a single and definitive study of (…) more

  • American Resources Quarterly Report Featured Image

    American Resources Critical Metals Report

    What is U.S. policy on a ready supply of critical and strategic minerals? The U.S. government’s failure to speak with one voice on this key issue has led to inconsistent information concerning America’s mineral needs and a splintered policy to ensure adequate access. Conflicting federal studies make it difficult for lawmakers to pinpoint metal shortages, (…) more

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    IAGS Report: China’s Rare Earth Elements Industry: What Can the West Learn?

    Cindy Hurst, an analyst for the U.S. Army’s Foreign Military Studies Office, prepared this report in conjunction with the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security. The report discusses the importance of rare earth elements for U.S. defense and energy policy, as well as China’s influence on the rare earths industry. You can download the (…) more

  • CRS report

    CRS Report for Congress: Rare Earth Elements in National Defense

    The Congressional Research Service (CRS) prepared a report for Congress entitled Rare Earth Elements in National Defense: Background, Oversight Issues, and Options for Congress. Download the full report by clicking here. Here is an excerpt from the report’s summary: Some Members of Congress have expressed concern over U.S. acquisition of rare earth elements used in (…) more

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    GAO 2010 Report: Rare Earths in the Defense Supply Chain

    The Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported on rare earths in the Defense supply chain in April 2010. Download and read the full report here. more

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    USGS Mineral Commodity Summaries 2011

    Learn all about the minerals that we are discussing on American Resources through the USGS Commodity Summaries 2011 report. Below is an excerpt from the document’s introduction. Download the PDF to learn more. Excerpt from USGS Commodity Summaries 2011: INTRODUCTION Each chapter of the 2011 edition of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Mineral Commodity Summaries (…) more