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Copper Month is over but copper’s rise continues

American Resource’s Copper Month may have ended, but copper demand continues to show strength, in spite of a global economy that is anemic at best.  Reuters reports a rapid depletion of current copper stocks, contrary to the macro-economic news of slowing global growth.  American Resources will leave month-to-month fluctuations in copper and other metals markets to the commodities traders; longer-term trends – including the migration of more than a billion people in China and India from subsistence to some semblance of middle class existence over the next decade – will drive global demand for copper and several dozen other metals and minerals.

The larger question is how the world will source these metals – and how the U.S. will continue to enjoy surety of supply.   Today, “Resource Wars” is a metaphor.  If we don’t press forward with domestic resource development, get ready for a world where Resource Wars are the real thing.