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Does Elon Musk Know Where His Giga-Metals Will Come From?

ARPN followers are well-versed on the dangers of foreign resource dependency – a concern highlighted by Tesla Motors’ announcement earlier this year that the EV manufacturer will build a massive Giga-Factory in the American Southwest, with the goal of doubling global EV battery output by 2020. As ARPN’ers know, the next question is: Where will all the metals and minerals come from?

That question and more is answered in a new report co-authored by ARPN Expert Simon Moores LINK and his colleagues at Industrial Minerals Data.

As Simon writes:

“Does Elon Musk really know where Tesla Motors’ battery grade graphite comes from?

The chances are no, and neither do the sellers as the spotlight intensifies on the sourcing of critical minerals and metals that will fuel the new age battery economy

Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk was forced to defend the company’s sourcing of graphite used in its electric vehicle (EV) batteries following a Bloomberg article in February linking the company to controversial graphite mining in China.

The link between Tesla – the US’ most high profile electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer – and environmentally damaging practices as far upstream as the mine seems harsh but is becoming unavoidable for large public companies.

In reaction to the story, Musk took to Twitter to explain that the company’s graphite was sourced in Japan and was mined on a “clean way”. But that didn’t really tell the whole story.

In fact, Japan does not operate any graphite mines. It sources all of its product from China.”

Read the full article @ data.indmin.com/Tesla


    ZENYATTA and Canada Carbon (CCB.v) if they can show they have enough resources are the front runners to supply Tesla. Both are in North America, have ultra high purity/crystallinity and will be ready to mine by the time Tesla is ready. Tesla will probably do a deal with both to ensure supply.

  • G.Charle

    Yes,Elon Musk knows where the new source of graphite will come from and it will be from Canada.There,s a phenomenal discovery of a graphite deposit which is so unique and unprecedented( from hydrophermal source) that Tesla might have already looked into and considered for future supply.Please look up Zenyatta albany deposit in Ontario.