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Global events send price of gold soaring

With the news cycle dominated by the ongoing crisis in Japan, unrest, and war in the Middle East, and financial troubles of European Union member countries; the price of gold is soaring. As CBS News reports, investors big and small are lured by the perceived safety of the commodity, sending its price to more than $1,500 per ounce for the first time.

This “modern day gold rush” is a manifestation of the increasing importance of metals – in this case, a precious metal – in times of turbulence.

Indeed, value-storing metals like gold, silver, and platinum are considered “safe-haven assets,” and are particularly attractive for an individual’s investment portfolio.

The strategic importance of metals, however, stretches well beyond the precious category.  As they are key ingredients in a broad range of products, securing an ongoing supply of industrial and specialty metals and minerals amidst geopolitical challenges is becoming increasingly critical for a nation’s technological advancement, economic growth, and national security. Countries like China are acting accordingly, as the race for resources has begun. But the question that remains to be answered is, “America ready to compete?”