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AGI to Host Webinar on Critical Minerals

Mark your calendars – the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) will host a timely webinar on critical mineral issues later this month.

The webinar entitled “Tracking the Global Supply of Critical Materials” will be held on Friday, January 26, 2018, at 11:00am EST, and will “focus on U.S. and European Union (EU) efforts to gather information and develop tools that can be used to ensure a secure national and global supply of mineral resources; identify and quantify vulnerabilities in this supply; and stimulate national and international co-operation, education and outreach, and innovation in the development, recycling, and substitution of key mineral resources.”

Speakers include:

  • Nedal Nassar, Chief of the Materials Flow Analysis Section at the USGS’s National Minerals Information Center, and
  • Vitor Correia, President of the European Federation of Geologists, and coordinator of the EU’s INTRAW project.

Against the backdrop of the USGS’s release of its landmark Professional Paper 1802 and the subsequently issued executive order on critical minerals, the event provides a great resource for stakeholders looking to engage in the national policy discourse over the next few months — a discourse that will be critical to the successful development and implementation of a “comprehensive federal action plan to encourage domestic resource production, through mining, recycling and reclamation.”

Click here to register for the free webinar.