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AK Gov. Sean Parnell stresses importance of cultivating investment in mineral resources

While all eyes were on President Obama’s State of the Union address earlier in the week, this is also the time when our nation’s governors deliver their State of the State addresses, taking account of the current situation, and outlining their policy initiatives for the coming year. 

From an American Resources perspective, Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell’s speech was particularly interesting, as it emphasized the importance of mineral resources as a foundation for the economic and strategic well-being of Alaska, and the nation as a whole.  Stressing that “Alaska’s resources can lead to America’s energy independence,” the governor also called for fostering “a climate that cultivates investment in Alaska’s other natural resources,” a point he had spelled out in more detail in his budget address.

A key to doing so, as we have frequently pointed out, is taking on onerous permitting processes, which the governor’s budget seeks to do head first, with the goal to “provide more timely decision making for mining, timber, public access, land sales and transfers, and other resource development applications.”

As Gov. Parnell points out:
Funding Roads to Resources [a transportation plan to build roads to connect to known and prospective oil and gas resources] more timely permits; a rare earths assessment; and statewide digital mapping — it’s all about jobs and creating new opportunities for independent, hard-working Alaskans to move forward.
It’s hard to argue with that, especially when you consider that Gov. Parnell’s mineral resource strategy is part of a reportedly balanced and reduced budget, placing no additional burden on taxpayers.