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Alaska Senate passes resolution in support of REE exploration

Alaska continues to be a state leader when it comes to formulating mineral resource policy. In line with Gov. Sean Parnell’s five-part strategy to support the mining industry, the State Senate has passed a resolution in support of in-state Rare Earths exploration, which urges state agencies and the federal government to lend its support to the cause.

According to Sen. Lesil McGuire, sponsor of the resolution:

“The United States used to be almost self-sufficient in rare earth elements, but now we almost completely rely upon foreign sources for those important minerals. (…) We need to move now to become a dominant world player in the development of rare earth elements which are critical for military and economic security, as well as renewable energy systems.”

Meanwhile, after years of stagnation – and against the backdrop of a cacophony of different definitions of what constitutes a critical mineral, as well as mixed signals coming from the U.S. government on mineral policy formulation – there are finally signs that the resource security issue is beginning to get the attention it deserves in Washington, DC. What is most encouraging, perhaps, is the fact that the increased focus on the issue transcends party lines, with legislation having been introduced by members of Congress from both major parties.

In case you missed it, American Resources principal Daniel McGroarty testified on one such bill last week – click here to read more.