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American Resources Policy Network Invited to Take Part in National Defense Stockpile Report

U.S. Defense Agencies Look to ARPN Experts for Critical Input on Metals and National Security

The American Resources Policy Network has been invited by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency/Strategic Materials (DLA/SM) and the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) to take part in the 2015 National Defense Stockpile (NDS) Requirements Report process, assessing potential shortfalls in strategic and critical metals.

“We’re honored that the Defense Logistics Agency and the Institute for Defense Analyses have asked American Resources to be part of the stockpile requirements assessment,” said Daniel McGroarty, President and founder of ARPN. “This is an indication of the progress ARPN has made in establishing
our programs and our experts as leaders in all aspects of resource development, both practice and policy.”

ARPN has been asked to organize a number of confidential, invitation-only sessions on strategic and critical metals identified by DLA and IDA. The first session takes place today.

The National Defense Stockpile Requirements Report estimates potential shortfalls in the supply of strategic and critical materials that could occur in the context of a future national security emergency. To mitigate potential risks associated with the shortfalls, the Report considers multiple mitigation options, ranging from traditional government stockpiling, contingency supplier arrangements, and production-capacity building, to material substitution or use of alternatives, and material re-use/recycling. Materials assessed for the report are those identified as essential to both U.S. civilian and military demand during a postulated national emergency.

By statute, the Report is submitted by the Secretary of Defense to the Congressional Armed Services Committees.

ARPN’s 2012 Washington Conference focused on Critical Metals Strategy, and the ARPN study, released in concurrence with the conference – Daniel McGroarty and Sandra Wirtz’s Reviewing Risk: Critical Metals & National Security – featured the American Resources Risk Pyramid, 46 metals and minerals recognized in unclassified defense and national security reports as being critical and strategic to U.S. defense systems and applications.

Download the Risk Report here.