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Copper mining boon to state and local economies

Two copper mines in Silver City, New Mexico are proving to be a real boon to the local economy. Employment at the Chino and Tyrone copper mines has increased dramatically since 2009 thanks to increased production, with the Chino mine now employing 1,500 people.

The economic benefit, however, stretches beyond local families and businesses profiting from increased employment. New Mexico, which is the fourth largest copper producer in the U.S. behind Arizona, Utah and Nevada, has seen state coffers swell thanks to copper adding $40 million in payroll tax revenue and $3 million in direct payments in 2010 alone.

Meanwhile, mining projects in other parts of the country – all of which could provide similar benefits to state and local economies – continue to face uphill battles. While the Rosemont Copper project in Southern Arizona has been subject to a never-ending story of delays and stalling tactics by special interests, the roadblocks for mining projects are reaching a new dimension in Alaska, where a new EPA study is part of an attempt to preemptively ­– before any formal plans and permitting applications have been submitted – derail the exploration and development of a promising copper deposit in the state.

However, it is not just our economic future that is at stake here. The impact these impediments will have will be debated by a fantastic lineup of speakers and panelists at the 2012 Strategic Minerals Conference, which will take place on June 6th, 2012 in Washington, DC.

To learn more about the one-day event you won’t want to miss visit www.strategicmineralsconference.com

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