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Expert on energy metals joins American Resources panel

It’s spring – and everything is growing, including the group of formidable people lending their expertise to the American Resources Policy Network. We’re thrilled to announce that Chris Berry of House Mountain Partners, LLC has joined the American Resources panel of experts.

A life-long interest in geopolitics and the financial issues that emerge from these relationships sparked Mr. Berry’s interest in how economies grow at an early age. This curiosity led to the study of commodities and the role they play in enhancing a society’s standard of living. He is a firm believer in the emerging Quality of Life Cycle coming from Asia and believes it will have profound effects across the globe in the coming years. He currently devotes much of his time to “energy metals” – those metals or minerals used in the generation or storage of energy.

To learn more about Mr. Berry’s work and our other panelists, visit our experts page. Stay tuned for further announcements of new experts over the next few days.