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Fraser Institute Releases 2011 Economic Freedom of the World Report

Today, the Fraser Institute — which is not only Canada’s leading free-market
think tank, but also employs two of American Resources’ distinguished subject-
matter experts, Fred McMahon, and Jean-Francois Minardi — released the 2011
iteration of their annual Economic Freedom of the World report, available at

The study looks at how the interplay of personal choice, voluntary exchange
coordinated by markets, freedom to enter and compete in markets, and protection
of persons and their property promotes investment, income and growth, improves
the general living conditions of a society, and helps foster peaceful relations. In the
2011 Report, Hong Kong is listed as the most economically free country, followed by
Singapore and New Zealand. On the other end of the spectrum, Venezuela, Myanmar
and Zimbabwe feature the worst scores of economic freedom.

While the study does not make a detailed assessment on the issue of resource
development, it touches on the importance of resources to growth, arguing
that “given two economies with the same level of economic freedom and other
attributes, the economy that is in addition abundant in natural resources will tend
to grow faster.”

If you’re interested in a more in-depth discussion of resource-related issues, the Fraser
Institute also publishes an annual Survey of Mining Companies, which assesses how
mineral endowments and public policy factors affect exploration investment. And
for a current perspective on Quebec’s mining policy, here’s a piece from American
Resources’ expert and Fraser Institute scholar Jean-Francois Minardi.