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The More You Dig Campaign – Educating the public about the importance of mining for everyday life

American Resources has partnered with the Northwest Mining Association and their The More You Dig campaign. Here’s a guest post from their Communications consultant, Izzy LaBranch, introducing the campaign:

The More You Dig campaign, a project of the Northwest Mining Association, strives to change the public’s perception of mining by educating a younger audience about how mining is essential to their lifestyle, beneficial for the US economy, and accomplished in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. By pointing out the benefits of mining, we can begin to balance the debate and generate positive media for the minerals industry.

We want to remind college students and Congressional staff members that mining affects their lives; the cars, computers and cell phones they use, the house in which they live and the electricity running through it – they all depend on mined minerals.  At The More You Dig, we aim to educate.   Mining is the beginning of the supply chain for everything; we need to mine in the United States where it benefits not only our lives but our economy.

Through on-campus peer-to-peer education, as well as events and social media, we seek to engage college students and Congressional staff in a conversation about mining. With simple facts and a little fun, we believe we can inform the public mining is a beneficial and essential part of our society.

Northwest Mining Association is excited to partner with American Resources to help spread facts to balance the debate about mining and domestic minerals resources. Please join the conversation at TheMoreYouDig.com and our Social Media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Together, we can show the world The More You Dig, It All Starts with Mining.