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Hot Off the Press: “Groundbreaking” Reading Material – ARPN Expert Co-Authors Book Sounding Alarm on Over-Reliance on Foreign Minerals

Scratch your holiday wish list – there’s a new book you’ll have to add. In the just-released “Groundbreaking! America’s New Quest for Mineral Independence” member of the ARPN expert panel Ned Mamula, an adjunct scholar in geosciences at the Center for the Study of Science, Cato Institute, and “Rare Mettle”author Ann Bridges sound the alarm on the United States’ over-reliance on foreign mineral resources and make a convincing call to break with old failed policy approaches and take steps to finally harness our nation’s vast mineral resource potential.

Followers of ARPN will find many familiar themes in Mamula’s and Bridges’s book, but as the National Mining Association has pointed out, “[w]hile others have told important parts of the story, Mamula and Bridges have woven together myriad threads to give us the startling implications of our failed minerals policies.”

As Paul Driessen, senior fellow with the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, who also authored the foreword for the book, recently wrote in a preview piece for the Canada Free Press:

“[The book provides] reasons why we must reexamine the policies that brought us to this untenable and unsustainable point in American history. In concise, plain language, geologist Ned Mamula and Silicon Valley expert Ann Bridges explain why we must literally break ground in these areas… and drill down to find out what minerals are in them. Their key points must be pondered, absorbed and acted on by all who care about our security and prosperity.”

Groundbreaking! is offered in print and eBook formats wherever books are sold.

  • https://authorannbridges.wordpress.com/ Ann Bridges

    Thanks to ARPN for their support and key data we incorporated into the book. The concept of mining the more commonly known “gateway minerals” as a way to cost-justify mining for those less common but more critical rare earths and others was eye-opening to both Ned and me. Learn more about it ASAP, because we need minerals in order to live–literally!