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MiningFacts.org: Demystifying the mining industry

Canada is a global leader in the mining industry and has benefited greatly from its natural resources. Yet despite its economic importance, the mining industry is poorly understood and debates on its local and global effects are increasingly polarized.

MiningFacts.org is a new website offering timely research and articles that examine the economic, environmental, and social impacts of mining in Canada and around the world. Written for a general audience, MiningFacts.org provides evidence-based information for a balanced consideration of the global mining debate. It features a Mining News Blog, provides links to relevant research and organizations, and will soon be available in French and Spanish in addition to English.

Research and content development for MiningFacts.org is led by Alana Wilson, senior research analyst with the Fraser Institute’s Global Centre for Mining Studies. The Centre produces an array of mining policy research including the annual Survey of Mining Companies, which ranks the investment climates of mining jurisdictions around the world based on the opinions of industry executives and managers.