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New Publication Alert – Metal Tech News Releases Comprehensive Primer on Critical Minerals

Shane Lasley has done it again.  Known to followers of ARPN for his stellar reporting on critical mineral resource issues from an Alaskan perspective, his Metal Tech News project has published what may just be the most comprehensive North American primer on critical minerals:

Critical Minerals Alliances is a magazine covering more than twenty metals and minerals critical to North American supply chains, as well as U.S. and Canadian resource policyissues, the mineral intensity of the green energy transition, and recycling efforts, among other topics.


In his opening column for the publication, Lasley saysthat the electrification of the 21st Century has brought us to an inflection point — “electrified era that changes the very core of how we harness Earth’s resources for energy and transportation.”

He continues:

“This inflection point in human history also offers a rare opportunity for organizations and individuals that do not always see eye-to-eye to get together behind a common cause. An alliance of academia, conservationists, consumers, governments, investors, local stakeholders, manufacturers, and miners all working toward a brighter tomorrow.

A future in which humankind makes the most of the renewable resources offered, while also forging a cohesive strategy to sustainably extract, reuse, and recycle the elements of 21st-century innovation.

It is my hope that Critical Minerals Alliances’ in-depth insights into these elements of innovation helps to forge partnerships that are not crippled by irreconcilable differences but strengthened by a spectrum of ideologies with a common goal – a healthy, prosperous, and exciting future for humankind.”

Metal Tech News has all the articles available for your reading pleasure on their Critical Minerals Alliances page.

If you prefer to read from a handy pdf version, click here to download the Critical Minerals Alliances pdf.