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NMA’s Rich Nolan: As Lawmakers Map Out COVID-19 Response, Give Prominence to Mining

While “[t]he health crisis posed by COVID-19 must be our first priority, (…) we must also in tandem tend to the economic upheaval wrought by the virus and the steps that must be taken to combat it,” writes Rich Nolan, president and CEO of the National Mining Association in a new piece for RealClearEnergy.

With mining being a “named component of the two of the critical infrastructure sectors designated by the federal government: the energy sector and the critical manufacturing sector,” it is crucial that the mining sector and its associated industries are “allowed the flexibility to continue operating in these difficult circumstances,” he argues.

Nolan points to several steps the government can take to do so:

  • reducing or deferring taxes and royalties,
  • moving forward on permitting reform, and
  • ensuring easy access to credit
  • He concludes that “smart government action” to re-shore our industrial base “will help keep the more than 1.5 million Americans supported by mining employed and lay the foundation for a mining renaissance than can ensure affordable and reliable power when we need it and help rebuild the infrastructure and manufacturing supply chains we know we will need. Simply put, mining is more important to our energy and technology futures than ever before.”

    Followers of ARPN know that the U.S. is fortunate to be home to vast mineral riches, which, properly harnessed “while upholding the highest environmental and safety standards,” will serve as the foundation of rebuilding supply chains. 

    As ARPN’s Daniel McGroarty pointed out earlier in the week in his column for RealClearPolitics

    “American innovation is ready to ‘work the problem’ of critical minerals supply. What remains is for American political leadership to make U.S. production a priority, and align public policy with a pressing national need.”