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Required Reading: Metal Tech News – a New Publication Exploring the “Elements of Innovation”

In our first post kicking off 2020, we suggested that reading should be one of the key New Year’s resolutions for mineral resource policy stakeholders – and made a few suggestions as to what should be “Required Reading.”

Today, we’re suggesting an addendum to that list.  North of 60 Mining News Editor Shane Lasley, whose work we have previously featured on our blog, has just launched a new and exciting project:

Metal Tech News is a weekly online news publication that covers metals used in emerging technologies as well as new mining technologies that are making mining more efficient sustainable and safer.

The magazine seeks to “bridge an age-old chasm between technology and the elements that make [21st Century] innovations possible.”

Lasley explains:  

“While new understanding of the unique properties each metal possesses will continue to benefit mankind in countless ways moving forward, how we supply humanity’s energy and transportation needs will be the biggest technological driver of demand for the special attributes metals have to offer in the coming decade.

It is into this age of green energy, electric vehicles, interplanetary mankind and yet-to-be-imagined marvels – all made possible by an ever-increasing understanding of metals and technology – that Metal Tech News makes its debut.”

Metal Tech News will highlight metals and minerals underpinning the materials science revolution, as well as the technologies allowing for more efficient, sustainable and safer resource extraction and processing.  

The Tech Metal Age is not coming – it’s already here.  Metal Tech News is ready for it, and we’re looking forward to joining the publication on its odyssey to discover the elements of innovation.