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  • Expert Gareth Hatch releases eye-opening Critical Rare Earths Report

    American Resources expert and Technology Metals Research co-founder, Gareth Hatch, has released a new study that highlights the implications of the supply and demand over rare earths elements. Hatch’s research also delves into how the United States can mitigate the current REE shortage.

    The Critical Rare Earths Report features detailed evaluations of the supply challenges and qualitative rankings for individual REEs. Built on a set of four global supply projections for rare earth oxides, the study is packed full of visual data from now through 2017.

    Highly relevant from a geopolitical perspective, the report also takes a look at the origins of the new sources of supply outside of China, and it examines how long China’s dominant position will last for each critical and non-critical REE.

    The bottom line: While the days of Chinese dominance of the rare earths supply are numbered, the United States has a lot of catching up to do. Australian-based projects present themselves as the key non-Chinese alternative for the REE supply from 2013 onward, but the U.S. and Canada, while holding significant REE deposits, don’t “appear” on the scene until much later.

    Download and print a free copy of Gareth Hatch’s Critical Rare Earths Report here.

  • Meet our experts: Gareth Hatch and Lisa Reisman

    If you haven’t had the chance to visit our experts page yet, we’d like for you to meet two of the people who joined the American Resources panel of thought leaders and industry experts from the very start.

    Gareth Hatch is a founding principal of Technology Metals Research, LLC.  An authority in the area of REEs and other critical and strategic materials, Hatch is also the founding editor of Terra Magnetica and an editor at RareMetalBlog, a fantastic blog that keeps readers up-to-date on new developments in the REE world.  We have highlighted some of his work here and here, and will be sharing his new research paper through our website in the near future.

    Lisa Reisman is co-founder and editor of the highly acclaimed metals website MetalMinerTM, the largest metals publication in the U.S. with a monthly readership of 36,000.  Covering a range of topics from REEs and precious metals to international trade policy, she has appeared on programs for BBC Radio, NPR, MSNBC and FoxBusiness.com.  We’ve highlighted some of her writing for MetalMinerTM, a website you should bookmark, here.

    To learn more about their work, and our other panelists, visit our experts page.

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    American Resources expert Gareth Hatch has an excellent piece up on his site (techmetalsresearch.com) that outlines Quebec’s “Plan Nord” – the Canadian province’s plan to develop its northern reaches in both strategic and sustainable ways. Says Hatch: “Plan Nord could have a significantly positive effect on the development of rare-earth and other rare-metal projects in [...]