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Through The Gateway: A Look at Gateway Metals, Co-Products and the Foundations of American Technology

The following is an overview of our “Through the Gateway” informational campaign, in which we outline the importance of Gateway Metals and their Co-Products.

Here, we expand on the findings of our “Gateway Metals and the Foundations of American Technology” report, in which we focused on a group of five “Gateway Metals,” which are not only critical to manufacturing and national security in their own right, but also “unlock” tech metals increasingly important to innovation and technological development.

In the context of our informational campaign, we featured the five Gateway Metals we covered in the report – Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Tin and Zinc – as well as the tech metals they unlock, and discussed some of the cutting edge uses for these tech metals, as well as supply and other issues surrounding them.

We are continuing our discussion of Nickel and its co-products, and will update this list as we go.


Pizza, the Age of Rare Metals and Co-Products

If Orange Is the New Black, Then “Co-product” is the New “By-Product”

Through the Gateway: Gateway Metals and the Metals they Unlock Underpin Modern Technology



Through the Gateway: Copper – Far More Than Your “Old School” Industrial Metal

Through the Gateway: Copper – Gateway to Renewable Energy

Through the Gateway: The Copper Gap That Needn’t Be

Through the Gateway: Tellurium – A Rare Metal With Abundant Demand

Through the Gateway: Selenium – More Than Just a Dietary Supplement

Through the Gateway: Rhenium – Rare and Sexy?

Through the Gateway: Molybdenum – “The Most Important Element You Have Never Heard Of?”

Through The Gateway – We Have the Reserves, So Why Aren’t We A Copper Net Exporter?



Through the Gateway: Aluminum – Versatile and Timely

Through the Gateway: Aluminum – Building Block of our Sustainable Future

Through the Gateway: Aluminum Alloys – Versatility On Steroids

Through the Gateway: Aluminum – Fueling the Renaissance of American Manufacturing

Through the Gateway: Of Pokémon and Co-Products – A Look at Gallium

Through the Gateway: Vanadium – Next-Gen Uses Drive Co-Product Challenge

Through the Gateway: Aluminum – From 3D Printing to Co-Product Access, It’s Time to Connect the Dots



Through The Gateway: Tin – More Than Just A Food Preserver

Through The Gateway: Indium – Taking Virtual Reality Mainstream?

Through the Gateway – Scandium: A Co-Product Metal Ready To Take Off

Through the Gateway: The Geopolitics of Co-Product Supply – a Look at Scandium

Through the Gateway: Tin, Co-Products and Shifting Paradigms



Through the Gateway: Of Diaper Rash Cream, Fertilizer and Battery Technology – A Look at Zinc

Through the Gateway: Germanium – Semiconductor of the Future?

Through the Gateway: A Look at Cadmium

Through the Gateway: “Fairy Dust” Supply Woes Loom (Indium)



Through the Gateway: Nickel – “The Metal that Brought You Cheap Flights”

Through the Gateway: Cobalt – A Critical Mineral Under Scrutiny

Through the Gateway: Palladium – A Catalyst For Comprehensive Resource Policy?

Through the Gateway: Rhodium – Not Just Another Platinum Group Metal

Through the Gateway: Scandium Embodies Materials Science Revolution

Through the Gateway: Nickel – Powering Modern Technology


Through the Gateway: A Scholarly Look