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Unlikely allies? China and India ink copper development deals

In 2011, we saw a lot of countries enter into cooperative agreements to develop critical minerals.  This trend will likely continue this year, as nations that do not possess or develop some of the most sough-after metals and minerals are looking to secure future access and alleviate or stave off supply shortages. The last few days of 2011, however, have brought about some deals that are particularly interesting from an American Resources perspective.

According to an AFP news story, in a move that is expected to increase production at India’s only copper mining company four-fold by 2017, three Chinese firms have signed mine development contracts with Kolkata-based Hindustan Copper.

The move turns global competitors – with India probably being the most resource-hungry nation aside from China, and both nations eying each other suspiciously as they look to secure access to the world’s mineral riches, Africa being a case in point – into partners.

It’s not just politics that makes strange bedfellows.  As the global race for resources continues to heat up, the geology of the world’s natural resources will likely bring more interesting and perhaps unexpected partnerships.  We look forward to keeping up with these and other developments on this blog, as well as on Facebook and Twitter throughout 2012.  Happy New Year!